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China puts the pandemic behind it, aims for less commodity-intensive growth

“China remains a major source of commodity demand but one that is expanding slower,” Institute of International Finance analysts said in a note Tuesday. Copper, often seen as a proxy on growth, hit its highest in about a decade late last month. But prices have fallen about 6% since, according to data from the London Metal Exchange.
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Pentagon confirms 10 rockets struck Iraqi base housing U.S. troops

17:01 - The Pentagon on Wednesday confirmed that nearly a dozen rockets struck an Iraqi base hosting U.S. troops.
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Biden’s team says it will use ‘all available tools’ to fight China’s unfair trade practices

President Joe Biden’s team will use “all available tools” to fight China’s unfair trade practices, according to a report outlining the new U.S. administration’s trade agenda.
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Biden vows to restore U.S. alliances and lead with diplomacy in his first foreign policy address

21:45 - In his first foreign policy address since ascending to the nation’s highest office, President Joe Biden vowed to repair alliances through diplomacy and restore Washington’s leadership position on the global stage.
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US, Japan set for recovery in second half of 2021: IMF's Gita Gopinath

The International Monetary Fund is expected to revise its World Economic Outlook forecasts on Jan. 26
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Op-Ed: China’s Xi Jinping seeks advantage over Biden with ground-breaking EU investment deal

Chinese negotiators this week surprised their European Union counterparts with key market access concessions – following long months of intransigence — that could allow the two parties to reach an agreement on a historic investment deal by year’s end.
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FDA approves second Covid vaccine for emergency use as it clears Moderna’s for U.S. distribution

21:59 - Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine is the second approved for use in the U.S. It will bolster the number of available doses, which states desperately need to fend off the pandemic. The U.S. plans to distribute roughly 5.9 million doses of Moderna’s vaccine to 64 states, territories and major cities across the nation next week.
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Russia’s Putin says he hasn’t had Covid vaccine yet because he’s too old

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin called on the public to get the coronavirus vaccine, but is yet to receive it himself, he said.
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UK bans installation of Huawei 5G equipment from September

07:32 - The U.K. said in July that carriers would have to stop buying Huawei 5G equipment by year-end and strip out its kit from their infrastructure by 2027. It has now laid out a roadmap to phase out Huawei, with one key measure being a ban on installation of the firm’s 5G gear from September 2021. U.K. lawmakers will debate the new Telecommunications Security Bill at a second reading in Parliament on Monday.
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Biden’s pick for foreign policy head affirms a push to get allies on board with U.S. policy on China

22:00 - On Monday, Biden announced he intends to nominate Antony Blinken as secretary of State. If confirmed, the appointment puts Blinken at the front lines of Biden’s China policy. “One of the things that this picking signifies is that Biden will almost certainly make good his promise to re-engage U.S. allies,” Isaac Stone Fish, a senior fellow at the Asia Society, said in a phone interview. “Trump has already seriously wounded China-U.S. relations. Although the Biden ... and his team are very familiar with China, they cannot avoid these problems,” said Shen Yamei, deputy director and associate research fellow at state-backed think tank China Institute of International Studies’ department for American studies.
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Biden puts health care front and center with a call to expand Obamacare

19:05 - President-elect Joe Biden put health care front and center for a second day, delivering a speech in Wilmington on the need to expand Obamacare. “This doesn’t need to be a partisan issue. It’s a human issue,” said Biden. If Republicans hold their majority in the Senate, expanding the ACA is unlikely to be a legislative reality any time soon.
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Pompeo ignores Biden’s victory, claims there will be a ‘smooth transition’ to a second Trump term

16:24 - Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ignored Joe Biden’s victory and claimed there will be a “smooth transition” to a second Trump term. Other top Trump administration officials, such as Vice President Mike Pence, have publicly insisted that the election is not over.
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Biden will likely continue to champion strong ties with India

Strengthening U.S. relations with India will likely remain a focus for the Biden administration, experts told CNBC.
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WTO says U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods violated international trade rules

12:57 - The World Trade Organization ruled on Tuesday that additional tariffs imposed in 2018 by the United States on Chinese goods violated international trading rules, a blow to the Trump administration’s trade war against the world’s second largest economy. A three-person panel of WTO trade experts said Washington broke with global regulations in 2018 when it slapped more than $200 billion in levies on a slew of Chinese goods. Since March 2018, the United States has imposed tariffs on $400 billion in Chinese exports.
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An economic decoupling of the U.S. and China is ‘a long way away,’ says former IMF China head

“These two economies are still quite closely tied. After all, it’s very hard for the two largest economies in a way to stop bumping into each other in various dimensions,” said Eswar Prasad, previously head of the International Monetary Fund’s China division.
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Pompeo vows to maintain tough U.S. stance on China, but is open to talks

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed a slew of issues lingering over the United States and China, ranging from strained trade relations to national security threats to the upcoming presidential election. Pompeo said the Trump administration is open to talks with Beijing. Yet he added that the U.S. would maintain its tough stance.
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Latin America will see ‘record-breaking contraction’ as the coronavirus shatters their economies, Goldman says

As Latin America continues to battle the coronavirus outbreak, some economies in the region could see a “record-breaking contraction” not seen since World War II, according to investment bank Goldman Sachs.
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Trump evacuated from briefing room due to shooting outside White House premises

18:53 - President Donald Trump was abruptly evacuated from a press briefing on coronavirus on Monday evening just minutes after he began speaking following a shooting outside of the White House. “There was an actual shooting, and somebody has been taken to the hospital. I don’t know the condition of the person,” Trump said after he returned to the White House briefing room shortly afterward. “It was the suspect that was shot,” Trump added. He said that no one else was injured, but that it was his understanding that the suspect had been armed.
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Asia stocks decline as China-U.S. tensions weigh on sentiment

Stocks in Asia Pacific were mostly lower on Friday as tensions between Beijing and Washington weighed on investor sentiment.
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Second-quarter GDP plunged by worst-ever 32.9% amid virus-induced shutdown

The U.S. economy suffered its worst period ever in the second quarter, with GDP falling a historic 32.9%. Neither the Great Depression nor the Great Recession nor any other slump over the past two centuries have ever caused such a sharp drain on the economy es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino