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Sino-Argentine relations on upswing

China and Argentina, both influential developing nations, should jointly support multilateralism and build an open and inclusive world economy, President Xi Jinping said on Sunday.
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Chinese president leaves for Spain, Argentina, Panama, Portugal visits, G20 summit

President Xi Jinping left Beijing Tuesday for state visits to Spain, Argentina, Panama and Portugal, and the 13th Group of 20 (G20) summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Regulator steadily opens financial sector

China further opened its financial sector to foreign investors, with the banking and insurance regulator giving two more financial institutions the nod for market access
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Beijing, ASEAN upgrade FTA protocol

China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations have upgraded the protocol of their free trade agreement to build the largest free trade zone among developing countries.
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China to double agricultural trade with Japan, ROK in 10 years: official

BEIJING - A Chinese agricultural official Saturday called for closer agricultural cooperation among China, Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK) in Beijing.
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Expo seen as boost for African business

Insiders say continent can expand from raw materials to diversified products
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Import expo a milestone for China's opening-up

The expos and fairs China has held at different times in history serve as milestones in its development journey.
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Argentina 'is ready for G20 summit'

Argentina is going all-out for the upcoming G20 summit as it prepares to receive world leaders, Argentina Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie said in an interview with China Daily.
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Pompeo's remarks about China both ignorant and malicious: China Daily editorial

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has just concluded a tour to Latin America in an apparent attempt to mend fences with countries in the region, as ties between Washington and its Latin American neighbors have been on a downward trajectory since Donald Trump became president.
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Canada, US make progress in bid to save NAFTA, no deal yet

Canada and the United States on Saturday narrowed their differences in last-ditch talks to save NAFTA but there is no guarantee an agreement will be forged, two Ottawa sources said, a notion echoed by a top adviser to US President Donald Trump.
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Recession expected in US by late 2020, says survey

Two-thirds of business economists in the US expect a recession to begin by the end of 2020, while a plurality of respondents say trade policy is the greatest risk to the expansion, according to a new survey.
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China's new economy needs better financial support: Economist

Development of China's new economy, widely seen as the new driver for the country's economic growth, needs better financial support, a senior economist said.
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Argentina seeks early release of loan

Trump backs Macri's handling of the worsening economic crisis
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Economic growth slows in August

Growth in China's general economic activities, measured by a private purchasing managers' index, slowed in August, signaling the world's second-largest economy may face stronger headwinds.
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New steps set to halt debt surge

Policymakers consider more measures to shore up growth
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China will not give in to US’ new trade extortion: China Daily editorial

It is nothing more than gangsterism for the Donald Trump administration to indicate it is considering raising the pending tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods from the 10 percent to 25 percent.
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Tariffs dispute clouds G20 finance meeting

Financial leaders from the Group of 20 have expressed concerns that the trade friction triggered by the United States' protectionist policies could pose downside risks to the global economy.
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Mercosur y UE pueden cerrar acuerdo comercial antes de octubre

El ministro brasileño de Relaciones Exteriores, Aloysio Nunes, dijo hoy que un acuerdo de libre comercio entre el Mercado Común del Sur (Mercosur) y la Unión Europea (UE) puede estar concluido antes de las elecciones generales de octubre.
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Seawater hybrid rice expected to be planted around China by 2020

Chinese agricultural scientist Yuan Longping announced Saturday that his team has completed detailed plans for seawater hybrid rice's trial planting and promotion.
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Yuan set to play bigger role in global reserves, says HSBC

Global reserve managers expect 8.5 percent of foreign reserves to be invested in renminbi by 2020, according to a recent survey sponsored by HSBC, an international banking and financial services institution. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino