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Brazil’s Virus Hotspot Goes It Alone, Dismissing Bolsonaro

03/04 - 18:59 - Sao Paulo buying gear from China, South Korea: governor Doria. Doria says states to fight Bolsonaro if he defies quarantines.
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Trump’s Disputed Claim of Saudi, Russia Oil Cuts Jolts Markets

15:41 - President Donald Trump said that he had brokered a deal that would have Saudi Arabia and Russia dramatically ratchet down their oil production, sending prices surging. But the claim was met with immediate skepticism.
Política Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Alex Wayne

Trump Threatens ‘Heavy Price’ If Iran Attacks U.S. Troops

14:37 - President Donald Trump warned Iran against what he said was a possible “sneak attack” the Islamic Republic was planning against U.S. troops in Iraq.
Política Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Política Jennifer Jacobs

China Concealed Extent of Virus Outbreak, U.S. Intelligence Says

14:21 - Report submitted to White House on China’s under-count. U.S. has publicly reported more than twice as many cases
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China Rejoins Monetary Easing Wave as World Shuts Down

China’s central bank cut the interest rate it charges on loans to banks by the biggest amount since 2015 as authorities ramp up their response to the worsening economic impact from the coronavirus pandemic.
Política Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Laura Litvan

Senate Hurtles to Vote in Hours on Record $2 Trillion Stimulus

14:55 - The Senate moved toward a vote Wednesday on the biggest economic rescue measure in U.S. history, a more than $2 trillion package of spending and tax breaks to bolster the hobbled U.S. economy and fund a nationwide effort to contain the coronavirus.
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European Union Now Sees a Risk of Recession as Deep as 2009

15:25 - EU Commission revises again expectations of 2020 contraction. EU’s executive arm proposes suspension of budget discipline.
Política Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Energía Sharon Cho

Oil Has Best Day Ever After Trump Hints at Role in Price War

19/03 - 17:14 - Oil surged the most ever in New York as the U.S. president said he could get involved in the standoff between Saudi Arabia and Russia that has rocked crude markets.
Política Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Salud Josh Wingrove

Trump Declares National Emergency as Virus Outbreak Worsens

13/03 - 16:35 - President Donald Trump declared a national emergency on Friday over the coronavirus outbreak, invoking the Stafford Act to open the door to more federal aid for states and municipalities.
Política Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Laura Litvan

Bernie Sanders Under Pressure to Drop Out After Disappointing Finishes

11/03 - 13:42 - Democrats are pressuring Bernie Sanders to drop out of the presidential race in order to unify the progressive and moderate wings of the party against their common foe: Donald Trump.
Política Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Misyrlena Egkolfopoulou

Warren Ends Campaign, Declines to Immediately Endorse

16:41 - Elizabeth Warren suspended her presidential campaign Thursday after failing to win any states on Super Tuesday and seeing no path to capture the Democratic nomination.
Política Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Mark Niquette

Michael Bloomberg Ends Presidential Bid, Endorses Joe Biden

18:07 - Michael Bloomberg endorsed Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination as he ended his presidential campaign on Wednesday and pledged to continue working to defeat President Donald Trump.
Política Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Política Edvard Pettersson

Trump Wait-in-Mexico Asylum Policy Blocked as Too Dangerous

28/02 - 14:34 - The Trump administration is blocked from making thousands of Central American migrants wait out the result of their asylum applications to the U.S. in Mexico.
Economía Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Martha Viotti Beck

Brazil Likely to Cut 2020 GDP Forecast Amid Coronavirus Weakness

19:24 - Lower growth may open space for rates reductions, person says. Government rules out fiscal stimulus to boost the economy.
Argentina Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Política Económica Jorgelina do Rosario

IMF Says Argentina’s Debt Levels ‘Unsustainable’ After Review

18:00 - Argentina’s debt load is unsustainable, the International Monetary Fund said after completing a week of meetings in the country, paving the way for the government to ask private bondholders to take on losses as it prepares to renegotiate its obligations.
Política Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Nick Wadhams

Pompeo Seeks to Assure African Partners as U.S. Weighs Troop Cuts

18/02 - 17:35 - Secretary of State Michael Pompeo sought to reassure African allies that the U.S. is committed to fighting the spread of Islamist militants even as the Trump administration weighs cutting troops stationed across the continent.
Argentina Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Política Económica Sydney Maki

Bank of America Pitches ‘Mutually Beneficial’ Argentine Debt Restructuring

15:11 - Bank of America Corp. says it figured out a feasible way to solve Argentina’s debt crisis: Offer so-called pars and discount bonds for foreign-currency investors.
Política Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Daniel Flatley

Senate Votes to Curb Trump’s War Powers Over Soleimani Strike

13/02 - 16:31 - The Senate voted to restrict President Donald Trump’s ability to take military action against Iran, with eight Republicans joining Democrats to approve a measure that would require express congressional approval before a strike.
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South America’s Top Economies Seek to Heal Diplomatic Wounds

12/02 - 14:35 - For all the bad blood between their leaders, Brazil and Argentina are starting a diplomatic dance to discuss trade and political issues that the two largest South American economies just can’t put off for too long.
Argentina Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Economía Patrick Gillespie

Argentina Economy Chief Warns of ‘Deep Debt Restructuring’

20:14 - Guzman says bondholders will probably be disappointed. He laid out three possible fiscal paths to balance budget. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino