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Venezuela opposition leader Guaido appears at aid concert

22/02 - 20:29 - Defying orders banning him from leaving the country, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido made a surprise appearance at a star-studded aid concert in neighboring Colombia, joining thousands of other Venezuelans in pressuring President Nicolas Maduro into allowing the delivery of emergency food and medicine.
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Limoneira Enters Agreement to Expand Global Presence with Strategic Joint Venture and Land Acquisition in Argentina

As part of the agreement, Limoneira will create a subsidiary in Argentina under the name Limoneira Argentina S.A.U. (“Limoneira Argentina”) and will acquire 25% of the parcels of Finca Santa Clara, approximately 1,200 acres of planted lemons, upfront with an additional 25% to be acquired over a three-year period. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino