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La comisión de vacunas de Alemania pide combinar AstraZeneca con segundas dosis de Pfizer o Moderna

La comisión de vacunas de Alemania (Stiko) recomendó este jueves, frente a la propagación de la variante Delta del coronavirus, inyectar una segunda dosis de cualquier vacuna basada en la tecnología de ARN mensajero tras una primera dosis de AstraZeneca.
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Trump returns to Oval Office despite isolation rules, infection risks

18:30 - Trump downplays coronavirus as infection spreads. A top aide said the president was eager to be back there.
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Gov't to sink billions into a vaccine, prioritize vulnerable populations

14:19 - The approach on a vaccine would likely prioritize elderly, essential workers.
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Trump responds to Iranian insults with threat of 'obliteration'

25/06 - 15:48 - President Donald Trump on Tuesday threatened Iran with "great and overwhelming force" and potential "obliteration" in some areas if it attacks "anything American" after Iranian leaders said the White House "is afflicted by mental retardation" and they are permanently closing doors to diplomacy in the wake of U.S. sanctions.
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Trump admin preparing for second summit with Kim Jong Un: White House

The Trump administration is coordinating a second meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un after the president received a "very warm, very positive" letter from the North Korean dictator that requested another face-to-face sit-down, according to White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.
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US envoy for North Korea to visit South Korea, China, Japan

06/09/18 - 14:20 - The newly appointed U.S. special envoy for North Korea will make his first diplomatic trip abroad next week in the Trump administration's latest effort to press for progress in uncertain denuclearization talks.
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Argentine economy minister meets with IMF's Lagarde

04/09/18 - 18:53 - Argentina's Economy Minister Nicolas Dujovne is meeting with International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde to personally ask the agency for the early release of a credit line under a $50 billion backup financing arrangement approved earlier this year.
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Merkel, Putin share a headache: Donald Trump

17/08/18 - 16:42 - German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russia's President Vladimir Putin will have plenty to talk about when they meet Saturday — thanks in no small part to U.S. President Donald Trump, whose sanctions and criticisms over trade, energy and NATO have created new worries for both leaders.
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Mattis says US will work more closely with Argentina

15/08/18 - 19:49 - The U.S. and Argentinian militaries will pursue closer cooperation on numerous fronts, including military education and training, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Wednesday after meeting with his counterpart during the first visit to Argentina by an American defense chief in 13 years.
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Argentina corruption case: Businessman admits payments

07/08/2018 17:22 - One of the businessmen accused in an investigation of widespread corruption in Argentina is admitting that he paid government officials for the awarding of public works contracts.
Política ABC - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Mark Osborne

Pompeo echoes Bolton: US had no connection to Maduro assassination attempt

07/08/2018 14:18 - Two top Trump administration officials have now denied U.S. involvement in the apparent assassination attempt of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday night.
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Argentina leader announces controversial armed forces reform

23/07/18 - 17:17 - Argentina's president said Monday that he is removing a ban on military involvement in fighting crime, terrorist threats and other internal security issues.
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Trump wants to remove security clearances of former intel chiefs

23/07/18 - 17:23 - President Donald Trump is mulling removing the security clearances of several former intelligence chiefs and others – a move that comes in the wake of criticism of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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Congress gearing up to deliver stinging rebuke to Trump over trade talks with China

As President Donald Trump in Singapore flexed his diplomatic muscles with North Korea, members of his own party back in Washington were gearing up to deliver a stinging rebuke over his efforts to normalize trade with China.
Argentina ABC - Estados Unidos Economía Luis Andres Henao

Argentines haunted by memories of crisis oppose IMF's help

It seemed like a collective moan could be heard across Argentina as President Mauricio Macri uttered three words that many in this country associate with the worst of times: International Monetary Fund.
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Germany takes 10,000 refugees from UN resettlement program

23/04/18 - 13:37 - German Chancellor Angela Merkel says the country will take in some 10,000 migrants who were selected by the United Nations' refugee agency.
Economía ABC - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Josh Funk

US sorghum growers fear China tariffs could cost them dearly

Más de una decena de organizaciones empresariales y sindicatos de los principales sectores de la economía argentina creen que el acuerdo podría tener consecuencias "estructurales" desfavorables para la economía sudamericana. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino