The Government deploys an international campaign to make visible the rights over the Malvinas

The Government deploys an international campaign to make visible the rights over the Malvinas

The national government will deploy a international campaign to make Argentina’s rights over the Falkland Islands visible, that will have its initial point of support in Peru, where days ago the Malvinas Issue Support Group, as the Argentine claim against the British occupation of that territory, which dates back to 1833, is called.

The Secretary of Malvinas, Antarctica and the South Atlantic, Guillermo Carmona, He traveled to Peru this week to establish in person the Support Group for the Malvinas Question, which brings together personalities such as the former foreign minister Diego García Sayán, the professor Miguel Rodriguez Mackay and the energy specialist Humberto Campodónico.

In an interview with Télam from the Andean country, Carmona explained that The support group will be coordinated by the Argentine ambassador to Peru, Enrique Vaca Narvaja, according to the instructions given by Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero.

“It is the first to be constituted in person,” Carmona highlighted and explained that the support groups of Chile, Bulgaria and Germany were also recently formed by virtual means.

In clear contrast to the previous Cambiemos administration, the Government now aspires to “prop up the foreign policy” of the country regarding the British usurpation of the Falklands and the demand that the United Kingdom “He sits down to negotiate the sovereignty dispute with Argentina, just as the United Nations resolved in 1965,” he added.

Carmona differentiated the “deployment and repositioning” initiated by the management of the Frente de Todos (FdT) in the world to add adherence to the Argentine rights over the Malvinas from the management of the “Government of (Mauricio Macri), which unfortunately annulled those support groups committed to calling for dialogue with the UK on the sovereignty issue. “

In this regard, the ambassador Vaca Narvaja expressed to Télam that the “reinstatement of the Peruvian-Argentine Dialogue Support Group, after 5 years of not being summoned, is made up of different referents of civil society and social organizations of recognized prestige in Peru.”

“The purpose of the Support Group is to generate initiatives in the different academic, cultural, political and media fields that make visible and disseminate the legitimate Argentine sovereign rights over the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime spaces,” he insisted the diplomat, who took over the embassy last year.

At the same time, he explained that “its members intend to contribute to generating ideas, initiatives and actions that promote compliance with United Nations Resolutions, fundamentally with regard to the permanent interest of Latin America so that the United Kingdom of Great Britain agrees to carry out negotiations with Argentina, in order to find – as soon as possible – a peaceful and definitive solution to this dispute. “

He added that the “formation of the Peruvian Support Group is in total harmony with the historical position that the sister Republic of Peru maintains with respect to the sovereignty conflict on the Malvinas issue.”

“Originally the group was born in 2011 and functioned organically until 2015. His reinstatement is one more example of the support and solidarity that has characterized the Peruvian people and government in the legitimate claims of sovereignty over the Malvinas, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime spaces, “recalled the ambassador.

For his part, Carmona – appointed to the Secretariat of the Malvinas, Antarctica and South Atlantic last November 8 – said that during his stay in Peru he held multiple meetings to reposition the Malvinas Question.

One of them was with the vice chancellor of that country, Rómulo Acurio, who reiterated the “support of Peru to the Malvinas Question”.

Likewise, Carmona held meetings with the Director General of Sovereignty, Limits and Antarctic Affairs of the Peruvian Foreign Ministry, Augusto David Teodoro Arzubiaga Scheuch, with whom they talked about “Antarctic cooperation, illegal fishing and the” Pampa Azul “initiative.”

He also held a hearing with the secretary of the Congressional Foreign Relations Commission, Ilich López Ureña, accompanied by the designated president of the Argentine-Peruvian Parliamentary Friendship League, Susel Paredes.

In turn, at the invitation of the Federation of Free Municipalities of Peru (Femulp), Carmona participated as a guest of honor in the inauguration of the park “Malvinas Argentinas” in the District Municipality of Ate, Lima, where he delivered a signed Argentine flag by ex-combatants from Malvinas from the town of Morón to the mayor of Ate, Edde Cuellar Alegría. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino