Germany in 'BIG TROUBLE' as Brexit will force Merkel to pay shortfall once UK leaves EU

Germany in 'BIG TROUBLE' as Brexit will force Merkel to pay shortfall once UK leaves EU

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Ms Tominey claimed Brussels is especially concerned about the impact Brexit will have on both larger and smaller EU member states once the UK ends its contributions.

According to latest calculations, Brexit Britain contributed £12.2bn to the EU budget.

She said: "There are some people in the EU who are saying ‘we are not willing to contribute a penny more’ and there are other people in the EU who are saying ‘we are not willing to receive a penny less!’

"That puts countries like Germany in big trouble because they are going to have to make up our shortfall."

She said Brexit put the whole EU in a "difficult position" and pushed EU negotiator to focus the negotiation on the money issue to reassure the EU27.

During a BBC Any Questions? debate, she added: "We need to know what the bill is. This is the only negotiation that I’ve heard of where somebody says ‘you owe us money’ and then refuses to say exactly how much we owe them and give us an itemisation of everything that they want.

"What is this bill? Michel Barnier is representing people who are in a very, very difficult position. And this is all about money, let’s make no mistake about it whatsoever."

The deputy political editor said demands for further payments to the EU – in connection to access to the common market – were not justified as Brexit Britain would be able to strike new agreements once independent from Brussels.

She continued: "I don’t see why on Earth Britain – when you consider mutually beneficial negotiations, should we enter a free trade with Europe because they sell a great deal to us – should be paying for access to the European market. There’s no need for it!

"The EU will worry because if they do strike a deal with us and we have a good deal with Europe – and we can also freely trade with the rest of the world – the EU is in trouble.

"Because that’s going to be preferable to being in the EU. So the EU is this great thing everyone wants to be in but Britain can’t get a good deal because then everyone will want to leave."

Recent reports revealed German Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to team up with French President Emmanuel Macron in a bid to stop Brexit negotiations proceedings to phase two.

The tense Brexit talks have reached a standstill over how much money the UK will pay when it leaves, the rights of European citizens living in Britain after the exit and the Irish border issue. 

According to Politico, Germany and France are preparing two sets of draft conclusions demanding no automatic continuation of Brexit talks to phase two unless “sufficient progress” is made.

British officials see France and Germany as the key member states they need to convince in order to proceed to trade talks with the EU27.

It comes as the UK was issued a two-weeks ultimatum from Michel Barnier urging the UK to make "real and sincere progress" on the three key negotiating issues. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino