Falklands plot: New plan to encourage population 'Falkland Islands are Argentine'

Falklands plot: New plan to encourage population 'Falkland Islands are Argentine'

AN ARGENTINE minister wants museums to be built across the country to enforce their claim over the Falkland Islands and ensure the population considers it the nation's property.

Beatriz Ávila, national deputy for the province of Tucumán in the northwest of the country, believes creating museums will make the country’s “undeniable” right to the Falklands clear. The Falklands is known as Malvinas in Buenos Aires and Ms Ávila noted there are provinces without museums dedicated to the islands.

She said: “It is very important to be able to make Malvinas museums visible throughout the country since there are provinces that do not have them.

“The Falkland Islands are Argentine.

“This right is undeniable and we are not going to leave it in any way.

"This has to be on the public political agenda without distinction of flag.”

The Argentine calendar has two days commemorating The Falklands, April 2, Day of the Veterans and Fallen of the Falklands War, and June 10, the Affirmation Day of Argentine rights over the Malvinas.

In 2013, a referendum on the status of the Falkland Islands was held and a clear majority voted for it to remain a British Overseas Territory.

Last week, claims of sovereignty by Argentina over the Falklands were rejected by angry residents.

They accused Buenos Aires of trying to harm the British Overseas Territory and relations with the UK.

The Falklands’ Legislative Assembly said Argentina’s “actions actively seek to hurt our nation”, serving to “increase the climate of mistrust” while damaging relations with the UK.

In a statement, they said 94 percent of their electorate voted in a 2013 referendum, with 99.8 percent voting to remain a British Overseas Territory.

The Assembly added that Argentina “seeks to colonise our country, by repeatedly claiming the Falkland Islands despite the clearly expressed wishes of our people”.

"We are not and never will be an isolated enclave at the tip of South America – as our last census showed, we have a vibrant local community made up of people from more than 60 different nations, including people born in Argentina, who have chosen to make the Falkland Islands their home,” they said.

The UK claimed the Falklands 187 years ago and won a war over the territory in 1982.

It left around 649 invading Argentine soldiers and 255 British dead and the conflict ceased after 74 days.

However, the UK government has made it clear that any future negotiations will depend on how Falkland Islanders want to progress their status.

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