Falklands FURY: Argentina BLOW TOP over BEER LABEL which claims islands are BRITISH

Falklands FURY: Argentina BLOW TOP over BEER LABEL which claims islands are BRITISH

26/04/18 - 17:06 - ARGENTINA has blown its top over a beer bottle label which identifies the Falkland Islands - correctly - as belonging to Britain.

The Heineken-brewed bottle label features a map of South America including Argentina and the off-shore - known as Las Islas Malvinas in the Spanish-speaking state.

The bottle was designed for drinkers in France but used yeast sourced in Argentina and the commemorative label was intended to reflect this.

The French label identified the islands, which are located 7,000 miles from the UK, as ‘Îles Falkland’.

The landmass was accompanied by ‘(UK)’ - a move which has drawn ire in Argentina, who still claim the territory as their own.

A photo of the H41 beer bottle was shared online by a furious Argentine, who said the manufacturers were “idiots”.

He tweeted: “Hello Heineken, I have a little problem with H41. I am going to show you.

"You wrote the Malvinas belong to the UK. You use Patagonian yeast and you go and do that, you idiots!”

Heineken’s Argentina branch quickly issued an apology and promised the label would be altered.

They said: "This limited edition product was not being sold in South America and when the Heineken Argentina team became aware it requested the change at the global level.

“All the labels involved in this edition in the world will be changed.”

The Falklands remains a red-hot issue in Argentina, who invaded the islands in April 1982.

A bloody war with Britain followed with Margaret Thatcher’s forces eventually emerging victorious two months later.

More than 900 people were killed in total with more than 2,000 injured.

The issue regularly erupts into furious protest in Argentina, who have never relinquished their demands for the islands.

Last May the islands announced they were considering slapping Argentinian’s with special tourist visas to help with clean-up costs after visitors repeatedly brought Argentinian flags and other "provocative" materials.

One resident complained at a recent public meeting with politicians Argentinians were bringing “Argentina flags and provocative clothing insignia”.

He suggested “putting a cap of say a maximum 25 to 30 Argentine passport holders per flight”.

MLA Mike Summers, a local politician, said he was “attracted” by the idea and said he was also pushing for a list of people to be outright banned from the islands.

He said: “[Introducing a visa system] might bring with it other difficulties and complications but it might ultimately be in our best interests to do so.”

This proposal was met with protests in Argentina where British flags were burned.


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