Falklanders fear crashing out of EU with diddly-squid

Falklanders fear crashing out of EU with diddly-squid

Europe’s calamari consumption is threatened by a no-deal Brexit, Falkland Islands politicians have warned.

The British overseas territory in the South Atlantic is raising the alarm about potentially disastrous consequences for the islands of the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal. Their economy is largely dependent on exporting fish to the bloc.

Ninety-four per cent of the Falkland Islands’ exports of fishery products, along with one third of its meat, went to the EU last year. Nineteen per cent of loligo squid, or calamari, eaten in Europe is from the Falklands, the islands’’ government said. Ninety-four per cent of all of the Falklands’ exports enter European and globalmarkets via the port of Vigo in Spain.

Teslyn Barkman, the Falklander politician overseeing Brexit, said: “Although our calamari is a premium product, the market is still price-sensitive and the addition of tariffs would reduce sales and profitability. Developing new, non-EU export markets for fishery products will be difficult outside of free trade agreements that allow similar access to what is enjoyed within the EU.”

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