Embassy planning musical event by Dana Alfardan in Argentina

Embassy planning musical event by Dana Alfardan in Argentina

The Argentinian embassy is planning to collaborate with noted Qatari composer Dana Alfardan for a musical performance in Argentina next year, ambassador Carlos Hernandez has said.

“I want to take Dana to our opera theatre in Argentina, the ‘Teatro Colon’, some time next year. We are in talks and we will soon finalise the programme,” he told Gulf Times.

“I would like to use this opportunity to share my respect and appreciation for the Qatari composer,” Hernandez said. “Her recent performance at the headquarters of the United Nations on the UN Day has further impressed me.”

“I have to say what Dana achieved at the UN headquarters is matchless,” he added. “She gathered very well deserved appreciation as she is an incredible artist and a strong woman.

“Her music shows the cultural heritage of Qatar. She had all the support from the Qatar Government during her performance at the UN.”

The ambassador further said: “Dana has fast become a very international personality. It is very important for us since we are planning to have her performance in our country. We will be very proud to work with her.”

He said that Dana has already been in collaboration with an Argentinian filmmaker.

“I have been in Qatar for about 15 months. My wife and I met Dana last year … we already have started enjoying very close relations with her,” Hernandez said. “Of course, I admire her talent. She represents Qatar and the region.”

“This is very important for us,” the ambassador stressed. “We have almost 3.5mn Muslims in Argentina. Most of them come from different countries in the Middle East.

“For example, one of Dana’s works is Broken Wings, based on a writing of Khalil Jibran, a Lebanese author. There are many connections and we want to explore these connections.”

Hernandez said that his country wants to improve bilateral relations through cultural activities.

“I have already signed some cultural agreements. That is why we also want to have Dana Alfardan perform in Argentina. She also has another side: she does a lot of humanitarian work. This is a very good combination.”

Speaking about bilateral ties with Qatar in general, the ambassador said: “We have signed as many as 37 memorandums of understanding (MoUs) in different areas in the last 15 months.

“We want to diversify our relations. We want to go to sports and cultural activities. We already have an agreement on cultural exchange and we have to work on it.

“That is why we are planning the Dana Alfardan programme.”

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