'Disappear off the face of the Earth!' Argentina's chilling Falklands threat to UK exposed

'Disappear off the face of the Earth!' Argentina's chilling Falklands threat to UK exposed

30/01 - 14:24 - FALKLAND ISLANDS disputes have continued to boil under the surface since the UK's victory in the 1982 war. With Argentina unrelenting in their claims over the British territory, a key government figure in Buenos Aires even wished for the UK's "colonialism to disappear off the face of the Earth".

The startling statement was made by Daniel Filmus upon his appointment as the Argentine Secretary for Matters Relating to the  in 2013. He started his rant by claiming that he was convinced the British archipelago would once again come under Argentina's rule, and derided the UK as an "aggressive actor". Mr Filmus told the Telegraph that Argentine people "find it inconceivable – at this stage in the 21st century – that a portion of their territory should be in the possession of a colonial power".

He added: "The history of humankind has shown that the trend is for colonialism to disappear off the face of the Earth."

"We are convinced that the British people, whom we deeply respect, understand the injustice that arises from the rupture of a country's territorial integrity and that the rulers of the countries involved should resume dialogue."

The government minister blamed the UK for escalating tensions between Buenos Aires and London, claiming that Britain has "militarised" the Falkland Islands.

He added: "What is most affecting good relations between our countries is the UK's unwillingness to engage in dialogue, its failure to observe UN resolutions and the unilateral actions and militarisation it is carrying out in the South Atlantic."

President of Argentina at the time was Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who has even called on Pope Francis to help push for the country's Falklands claim.

Shortly after his inauguration, Mrs Kirchner met the Pontiff and said she had "asked for his intervention to avoid problems that could emerge from the militarisation of Great Britain in the South Atlantic".

Threats of renewed claims have spiked since the election of a Kirchner ally – Alberto Fernandez – last year.

Vowing to take back the Falklands – known as the Malvinas in South America – Mr Fernandez warned Boris Johnson that he wouldn't give up his country's claim.

Tweeting Mr Johnson after his victory in the Argentine election, Mr Fernandez said: "Thanks to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson for the greeting.

"Without giving up our claim of sovereignty, we must work together to strengthen the ties between the Argentine and British people, who share much more than we imagine."


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