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Friends and associates of the Argentine Embassy in Barbados were given an early Christmas gift on Monday night as they got a chance to take in the beauty of the ARA Libertad during a cocktail reception which was hosted by His Excellency Gustavo Martinez Pandiani. With a guest list that boasted other emissaries, government ministers, the top-brass of the Barbados Defence Force and many others from all walks of life, patrons enjoyed the hospitality as they wined, dined Argentine style before and dancing under the clear night skies to local and Argentine bands.

Captain of the vessel Juan Carlos Romay offered the official welcome alongside Ambassador Pandiani and said he was pleased with the welcome he had received upon arrival in Barbados the day before. “When we arrived in Barbados yesterday (Sunday), we received from you a very amazing welcome – a very warm and touching welcome where you showed us your culture. We have a saying in our navy, which is 'the sea unites us'. So here we are with the Frigate ARA Libertad coming to this beautiful nation surrounded by sea bringing Argentina's message of friendship and goodwill.” Romay said.

Ambassador Pandiani said that the visit was a project long in the works as it was not in the original plans for the Argentine Navy's school ship to come here. However, he insisted that the visit needed to happen. “This beautiful vessel has been traveling the world for a long time now and fortunately we were able to convince the authorities in my country that Barbados was the place to come. Some friends asked me why Barbados – because it a beautiful place? And I said yes it is a beautiful place, but most of all, because it has the most beautiful people you can find in the world.” he said.

Calling it a perfect night for him as he was surrounded by friends the Ambassador said that the visit would all be for naught without the exchanges of culture. “I thought that the most important part of this tour was to get in touch with the real Barbados – with the community, with the art, with the cultural expressions and we have, thanks to the generosity of my friends John King and Kirk Humphrey,” Pandiani said. (MP) es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino