Brazil’s problems are nothing like as bad as Venezuela’s

Brazil’s problems are nothing like as bad as Venezuela’s

We’ve stuck to the rule of law, democracy and freedom, writes the Brazilian ambassador to the UK, Eduardo do Santos

In equating the political situation in Brazil with what is happening in Venezuela, Julia Blunck (The west is gripped by Venezuela’s problems. Why does it ignore Brazil’s?,, 10 August) seriously distorted the two countries’ contrasting realities.

In Brazil, President Michel Temer took office last year as a result of a constitutional process, under the rule of law and the direct scrutiny of the judiciary.

In Venezuela there has been a rupture of the democratic order, widely condemned by the international community. Indeed, Venezuela has been suspended by Mercosur on the basis of the democratic clause of the South American trade bloc.

In Brazil, despite the problems we face, the strength of our democratic and republican institutions has been evident. Our institutions have been functioning normally – with a free press and strict protection of individual liberties. Unlike in Venezuela, there are no political prisoners.

The political, economic and social crisis that Brazil has undergone recently, including under the Temer government, has been faced with absolute respect for the law and our institutions, within a context of dialogue and transparency.

As far as Brazil’s stance towards Venezuela is concerned, we are one of the countries that have made extensive diplomatic efforts to restore calm and stability to our northern neighbour, and to help find solutions to its serious social and humanitarian problems.

Eduardo dos Santos

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