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Argentine bonds rise after default as Fitch, S&P cut ratings

12:24 - Argentine bonds rose strongly on Tuesday on optimism that a restructuring deal being brokered with creditors could be in reach, even as ratings agencies slapped the country with downgrades after it defaulted for the ninth time last week.
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Argentine bond risk spreads widen as market braces for possible default

12:00 - Argentine bond prices fell and its country risk spread widened on Wednesday as the market braced for the expected nonpayment of $500 million in interest on government bonds, which would kick off a 30-day grace period before default is declared.
Argentina Reuters Economía Walter Bianchi

Argentina's billion-dollar buying spree reins in peso, rates

19/02/2019 16:16 - Argentina’s central bank, looking to rein in a stronger peso, has snapped up close to 1 billion U.S. dollars in the last month, helping trim back sky-high interest rates and top up dollar reserves that could combat economic and political uncertainty as an election fight starts to brew.
Argentina Reuters Economía Walter Bianchi

Argentina chips away at debt with high - interest Lebac sale

Argentina’s central bank issued a fresh batch of publicly-traded, short-term notes on Tuesday in an bid to chip away at its year-end repayment obligations, which have contributed to concerns over the country’s ability to service its international debt obligations in 2019
Argentina Reuters Economía Walter Bianchi

Argentina companies list on U.S. exchanges ahead of expected rate hikes

31/01, 18:34 - Argentine companies are rushing to list shares on U.S. exchanges beginning this week to beat an expected hike in interest rates by the U.S. Federal Reserve, analysts said, while taking advantage of an improved investor climate under President Mauricio Macri after years of populist rule.
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Argentina wins approval to export lemons to Mexico for first time

Argentina will be able to export lemons to Mexico for the first time after sanitary inspection agencies from the two countries reached a deal, Argentina's agriculture ministry said on Thursday. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino