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Bolivia sin Evo

11/11 - 15:20 - El problema de Evo Morales es que convivieron en él dos presidentes: el indígena capaz de reconciliar a Bolivia consigo misma, con el presidente constitucional que debía respetar las leyes y la Carta Magna
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Open stage in Argentina: Disillusionment in Macri and fear of the ghost of Kirchnerism

If Peronism/ Kirchnerism win, we will witness how this space will be reinvented, surely it will be different from the Kirchnerism which we know. Although this piece was written in June 2019, before the Argentine primaries that took Mauricio Macri out of the game, this analysis is still very relevant a few weeks after the October 27 presidential elections. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino