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Argentina markets dip as new ministers sworn in after reshuffle

17:05 - Argentina’s markets dipped on Monday as investors remained uncertain about economic policy outlook after a bruising primary election defeat for the government sparked a Cabinet reshuffle at the end of last week.
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Virus, poverty and vaccines: Argentina's Peronists face storm in election year

It’s not a great year to go to the polls. Argentina’s ruling Peronists face crunch mid-term elections in October, and pollsters say how they handle a still-raging pandemic and its fallout will be key to limiting the electoral damage
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Argentina knocks back new debt proposal but says talks progressing

21:57 - Argentina knocked back a new debt restructuring proposal from key creditor groups on Thursday as insufficient, but said the offer showed progress was being made toward striking a deal.
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Argentina's Congress to start debating economic emergency bill on Tuesday

16/12 - 22:14 - Argentina’s government will send a bill to Congress on Tuesday including an array of proposals to increase taxes, including on overseas transactions and personal property, as new President Alberto Fernández seeks funds to salve a stalled economy.
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Argentina Pollsters Emerge After Primary Fail, Forecast Huge Win for Fernandez

Argentina's pollsters, still smarting after failing to predict a landslide defeat for President Mauricio Macri in an August primary, are sheepishly re-emerging with an updated election forecast: a huge win for opposition leader Alberto Fernandez.
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Argentine presidential hopeful Massa says would revamp IMF deal

Argentine presidential hopeful Sergio Massa would renegotiate the country's unpopular financing deal with the International Monetary Fund if he wins office later this year, the former congressman told reporters on Tuesday.
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Veteran Argentine politician seeks middle ground in tight electoral race

09/04 - 15:34 - In the run-up to Argentina’s presidential election this year, a third potential candidate is seeking to stake out the middle ground, tapping into rising discontent among the country’s voters amid swirling economic crisis.
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As Inflation Soars, Facebook Drives Trading in Argentina's Barter Clubs

SAN MIGUEL, Argentina — At an abandoned train station in Buenos Aires' working-class suburb of San Miguel, hundreds of Argentines gather with bags of clothes, rice, flour and sugar to trade.
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Argentina defends ties with China, Russia despite U.S. objection

08/02/2018 - 20:41 - Argentina said on Thursday that a good trade relationship with Russia and China “does not generate a conflict,” days after the United States warned against the growing influence of those countries on Latin America.
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Argentina's Macri downgrades labor reforms after union pressure

Argentina's government is scaling back and delaying a planned labor reform after pressure from union leaders and a violent protest over changes to pension laws late last year.
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Argentine mid-term campaign pauses after body found in Patagonia

13:21 - Major parties running in Sunday’s mid-term congressional election in Argentina suspended their campaigns on Wednesday after a body, thought to be that a young protester who went missing more than two months ago, was found in a river.
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Argentine Activist Granted House Arrest Amid International Scrutiny

Argentine social activist Milagro Sala was granted house arrest and released from prison on Thursday, state news agency Telam reported, after more than a year of pre-trial detention that drew scrutiny from international human rights groups.
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Argentina 2018 budget to forecast 3.0 pct growth -Senate leader

Argentina's government will forecast economic growth of 3 percent and inflation of 12 percent in 2018 when it presents its budget bill in early September, Senate leader Federico Pinedo told Reuters on Wednesday.
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Argentina Labor Unions Protest Job Losses, Macri Policies

Argentina's main labour unions took to the streets of the capital on Tuesday demanding more jobs and protesting centre-right President Mauricio Macri's economic policies. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino