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U.S. demands regular review of China trade reform

18/01/2019 15:30 - The United States is pushing for regular reviews of China’s progress on pledged trade reforms as a condition for a trade deal - and could again resort to tariffs if it deems Beijing has violated the agreement, according to sources briefed on negotiations to end the trade war between the two nations.
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Dueling tariffs raise fears of long U.S.-China trade battle

06/07/18 - 17:39 - A U.S.-China trade fight resulting in duties on $34 billion worth of each other’s imports was seen dragging on for a potentially prolonged period, as Washington and Beijing flexed their muscles with no sign of negotiations to ease tensions.
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China pledges new funding for BRICS as group opposes protectionism

China will give $80 million in funding for BRICS cooperation plans, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Monday, while the bloc of five emerging countries pledged to oppose protectionism.
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