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Argentina se aproxima de acordo com a China para turbinar produção de carne suína

29/07 - 15:50 - A Argentina está se aproximando de um acordo inicial com a China que pode abrir caminho para potenciais investimentos do gigante asiático na produção local de carne suína para exportação, disse à Reuters o subsecretário de Comércio e Promoção de Investimentos argentino.
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Argentina moves to take over bankrupt soy crusher Vicentin

19:08 - Argentina will take over bankrupt soy-crushing giant Vicentin, with the aim of saving jobs and protecting the country’s food exporting sector, President Alberto Fernandez said in a televised address on Monday.
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Bajada en nivel de río argentino da otro golpe a agroexportadores en tiempos de coronavirus

12:43 - Un importante descenso en el nivel del río Paraná está obligando a reducir la carga de los barcos que realizan las empresas agroexportadoras en Argentina, una potencia agrícola cuyos embarques ya sufrían problemas por el impacto de la pandemia de coronavirus.
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Bolivia exiled ex-president Morales calls on radio for armed militias

Bolivia´s exiled former president Evo Morales on Sunday defended a call he made for the formation of armed groups, a recording of which was leaked on public radio.
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Argentina podría exportar hasta 2 mln tns de trigo a Vietnam, reemplazando ventas rusas: CIARA-CEC

30/10 - 14:07 - Argentina podría exportar hasta 2 millones de toneladas de trigo a Vietnam, reemplazando a los cereales procedentes de Rusia que Hanói suspendió tras encontrar la presencia de semilla de cardo en algunos cargamentos, dijo el miércoles la cámara agroexportadora argentina.
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In Argentina's Pampas, Rain Clouds Spell Hope for Arid Soils

Gastón Blanchard, a farmer in Argentina's Pampas grains belt, has his eyes on the horizon waiting for rain. Clouds are starting to build, which he hopes will bring much-needed showers for his wheat crop, parched by months of dry weather.
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Where's the Beef? Argentine Ranchers Hope More Is Headed for China

Cattle ranchers in Argentina, which recently edged out neighbour Brazil as the top exporter of beef to China, are hoping to build on that status by getting more local meatpacking plants approved by Beijing, industry officials and other sources told Reuters.
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Productores carne de Argentina duplican sus ventas a China, pero quieren más

La industria de la carne de Argentina está buscando que Pekín apruebe plantas de producción para incrementar sus ya voluminosas exportaciones del alimento a China, dijeron fuentes del sector a Reuters, en momentos en que delegaciones comerciales recorren ambos países.
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Argentina ranchers kill the fatted cow amid cash crunch, turn to China

Argentina’s world-famous ranchers are culling their breeding cows at the highest rate in 30 years and tapping Chinese demand for meat in order to help pay their bills as access to credit has dried up for farmers in South American’s No. 2 economy.
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Argentina storms could delay wheat planting, expand area

Heavy storms that have hit eastern Argentina over the past few days will cause delays in planting of next season’s wheat crop, but they could also help farmers grow more of the grain thanks to replenished water reserves, weather experts said.
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Argentina licitará en julio gasoducto para Vaca Muerta por total de 2.000 mln dlr

El presidente argentino dijo el miércoles que se licitará en julio la construcción de un gasoducto desde la formación de hidrocarburos no convencionales Vaca Muerta, que de acuerdo a una fuente de la Secretaría de Energía finalizará cerca de la ciudad de Rosario, por un total de 2.000 millones de dólares.
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Argentina's Macri to report Venezuela to ICC over human rights

Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri plans to report Venezuela’s government to the International Criminal Court at The Hague for alleged crimes against humanity, according to an interview broadcast on CNN’s Spanish service on Sunday night.
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Viability of Argentine biodiesel industry hinges on EU sanctions

BUENOS AIRES - Argentina’s biodiesel industry is at risk after the European Union threatened to impose tariffs on imports from the South American country, following accusations that the nation unfairly subsidized its biofuel sector.
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Deere & Co fears hit from Trump tariffs, retaliation: CEO

21/03/18 - 17:18 - U.S. tractor maker Deere & Co (DE.N) is bracing for a negative financial impact from U.S. tariffs on steel imports and worries that retaliatory tariffs on American agricultural exports could follow, Chief Executive Samuel Allen told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday.
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As drought bakes Argentina soy and corn, wheat outlook improves

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Rains expected from late March in Argentina should enable farmers to start planting the 2018/19 wheat crop in normal conditions, though the moisture will arrive too late to benefit the parched soy and corn crops.
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Exclusive: Argentina says to reduce cost of docking services in Rosario ports

15/11 - Argentina’s government will cut the cost of docking services in the ports of Rosario, the country’s main agricultural hub, by 30 percent when it implements a maximum rate for entry and exit guide services in December, an official told Reuters on Wednesday.
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Argentina bets on European biodiesel market after U.S. imposes duties

Argentina is betting on the reopening of the European market to maintain demand for its biodiesel exports after the United States imposed steep duties on imports, the leader of an industry group said on Wednesday.
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Argentina's taste for veal complicates beef exporting ambition

Argentina's taste for beef from young calves - viewed as the most tender - is discouraging producers from raising the heavier cattle needed to restore the country's position as a top global beef exporter.
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Argentina's grain inspectors delay wage strike -union

Argentina's grains inspectors union delayed a previously announced three-day nationwide wage strike that was expected to start just after midnight on Monday, in order to participate in negotiations, the URGARA trade union said in a statement. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino