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Clashes in Bolivia challenge interim government; 5 dead

15/11 - 22:44 - Bolivian security forces clashed with supporters of former President Evo Morales in a central town Friday, leaving at least five people dead, dozens more injured and escalating the challenge to the country’s interim government to restore stability.
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South American bloc strikes long-sought EU free trade deal

28/06 - 18:27 - South America's Mercosur bloc struck a free-trade deal with the European Union Friday after two decades of negotiations that concluded amid high global trade tensions and rising protectionism.
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Abortion-rights activists renew battle in Argentina

28/05 - 17:48 - Argentine activists on Tuesday were launching a renewed effort to legalize elective abortions in the homeland of Pope Francis after narrowly falling short last year.
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Conservacionista aplaude reservas marinas de Argentina

La conservacionista estadounidense Kristine Tompkins dijo el jueves que la creación de los dos primeros parques marinos nacionales de Argentina es un hito que acerca al país a cumplir con el objetivo recomendado por la ONU rumbo a 2020.
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A look at what happened at the G-20 summit in Argentina

Leaders of the world’s largest economic powers have agreed to overhaul the global body that regulates trade disputes, but they faced resistance from President Donald Trump over the Paris accord on climate change.
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Aborto seguirá en la agenda de Argentina y Latinoamérica

09/08/18 - 18:35 - El movimiento feminista argentino no se quedará de brazos cruzados. Pese a que el Senado rechazó un proyecto para legalizar el aborto, continuará la lucha que ha inspirado a otras mujeres de Latinoamérica.
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Argentines haunted by memories of crisis oppose IMF's help

It seemed like a collective moan could be heard across Argentina as President Mauricio Macri uttered three words that many in this country associate with the worst of times: International Monetary Fund.
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Argentina seeking credit line from IMF

08/05/18 - 15:26 - BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — President Mauricio Macri said Tuesday that Argentina has begun talks on finance with the International Monetary Fund following a sharp devaluation of its currency and amid a difficult “global scenario.¨
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G-20 meeting in Argentina eclipsed by potential trade war

19/03/18 - 18:22 - Finance ministers and central bankers from the 20 leading industrial and developing countries are meeting in Argentina at a summit that has been eclipsed by growing concerns over the potential of a global trade war following U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to slap import tariffs on steel and aluminum.
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Argentina leader defends pension reform approved in Congress

19/12/17 - 14:55 - Argentina’s president defended a pension reform bill approved by Congress Tuesday that has prompted violent protests and a general strike, saying it seeks only to benefit retirees.
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Clashes as Argentina Congress Debates Pension Reform

Police and protesters clashed Monday outside Argentina's Congress as lawmakers debated a proposed pension overhaul that has angered retirees and prompted union leaders to wage a general strike.
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WTO summit ends without substantial deals after US criticism

13/12/2017 - 20:25 - A World Trade Organization conference dampened from the start by criticism from the United States ended Wednesday without any substantial agreements
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‘Superhero’ 3D printed hands help kids dream in Argentina

Being born without fingers can be tough for any child. Getting new ones — especially red and blue superhero themed digits — has made 8-year-old Kaori Misue a vibrant playground star. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino