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Maduro promete fondos para terminar tanqueros de venezolana PDVSA en astillero argentino

El presidente venezolano, Nicolás Maduro, prometió el domingo fondos para terminar la construcción de dos tanqueros de PDVSA en un astillero estatal argentino, que se retrasó por años, en un intento de recuperar la disminuida flota petrolera.
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El Salvador president calls on Trump to keep protected status program for migrants

26/09 - 17:49 - El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele on Thursday said the United States should promote legal migration as part of its crackdown on illegal immigration, calling on President Donald Trump to continue a program shielding some migrants from deportation.
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Latam neighbors willing to use sanctions on Venezuela's Maduro, but not force

23/09 - 16:36 - Latin American countries on Monday said they are willing to implement sanctions to force out Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro but expressed deep reservations about any use of force.
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A bad sign? Argentine companies launch buyback wave

Argentine companies have launched the biggest wave of share buybacks in a decade, a Reuters review of securities filings shows. The firms say the buybacks show faith in their share prices, but some skeptical analysts see a hesitancy to invest that may signal the economy is sliding toward recession.
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IMF talks may push Argentina to more central bank independence

06/06/18 - 14:05 - Argentina’s financing deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will likely include measures strengthening the central bank’s independence, which has been questioned since the government changed inflation targets last year, economists said.
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Economists hike Argentina 2018 inflation forecasts, slash growth

Economists raised expectations for inflation in Argentina while slashing growth forecasts in a monthly central bank poll released on Wednesday, in the latest sign of a deteriorating market outlook for the South American country’s performance.
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Flows into Global X's Argentina ETF slow as EM volatility increases

27/03/18 - 17:19 - Money flows into Global X Funds’ Argentina-focused exchange traded fund (ETF) have slowed this year, the company’s director of research said on Tuesday, as investors worry about the country’s progress on reforms and increased volatility in emerging markets.
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UE et Mercosur peinent toujours à aboutir à un accord commercial

20/03/18 - 15:32 - D'importants obstacles demeurent à la conclusion d'un accord commercial entre l'Union européenne et le Mercosur, ont déclaré des responsables européens, même si leurs homologues latino-américains se montrent plus optimistes.
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Argentina plans 2019 payment of $1.5 bln in delayed gas subsidies

15/03/2018 18:22 - Argentina plans to pay the $1.5 billion in natural gas production subsidies it owes to oil companies in installments beginning in January 2019, Energy and Mining Minister Juan Jose Aranguren told reporters on Thursday.
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Oil majors' interest in Argentina tests free-market reforms

Oil majors are evaluating bids for offshore exploration rights in Argentina, a major change in a country that sent Spanish energy giant Repsol (REP.MC) packing six years ago and has seen little offshore exploration for decades.
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YPF expects 35 percent shale output growth as Vaca Muerta costs fall

Argentina’s state-owned oil company YPF SA expects shale oil and gas production to grow 35 percent in 2018, as costs in the Vaca Muerta shale play continue to fall, Chief Financial Officer Daniel Gonzalez said on Monday.
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WTO losing trade focus, too easy on some developing nations - U.S.

11/12/2017 - 12:01 - U.S. President Donald Trump's trade chief said on Monday that the World Trade Organization (WTO) is losing its focus on trade negotiations in favor of litigation, and was going too easy on wealthier developing countries such as China.
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Argentina to defend agricultural exports, boost Latin America with G20 presidency

30/11 - Argentina will use its role as the first South American country to chair the G20 group of major economies to combat protectionism, as the agricultural-exporting region seeks to secure market access for its goods, officials said on Thursday.
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Argentina to extend gas production subsidies to Austral basin

17/11 - Argentina will extend subsidies for unconventional natural gas production to the Austral basin in the south of the country, the Energy Ministry said in a resolution published in the official gazette on Friday.
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Argentina markets jump as investors bet vote result will boost reform agenda

11:27 - Argentine currency, bonds and stocks rose early on Monday following a sweep by President Mauricio Macri’s coalition in midterm elections, as investors bet the result would help him get his business-friendly reform agenda through Congress.
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Oil-patch IOU: Argentina's late subsidy payments hurt gas producers

Argentina is behind on at least $700 million in promised subsidy payments to natural gas producers, hurting oil companies at a time when the government is trying to woo more investment in the nation's energy sector.
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Tariff fight roils Argentina’s shale patch as Macri opens trade

Argentina needs oil rigs to develop its vast shale oil and gas resources. The United States has plenty of idle equipment laying around after its own unconventional drilling boom cooled.
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Investors look toward further Argentina reforms after MSCI snub

BUENOS AIRES/NEW YORK, June 21 (Reuters) - The surprise decision by benchmark investment index provider MSCI to not promote Argentina to its emerging markets stock index could delay much-needed investment in the country, showing that President Mauricio Macri's reform agenda is still far from complete, investors said on Wednesday.
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Argentina primary spending to fall in real terms in Q4 -official

Argentina's primary public spending will fall in real terms in the fourth quarter of this year, following the government's goal of keeping real spending flat year-over-year, a Treasury Ministry official told reporters on Wednesday. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino