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Mexico could find Joe Biden a truculent neighbour

Andrés Manuel López Obrador learned to live with Trump in return for being left alone. That looks set to change
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Mexico limits stimulus despite millions falling into poverty

Efforts to ease impact of pandemic criticised in face of large-scale job losses
Economía Financial Times - Reino Unido Economía Regional Jude Webber

Latin America tested by lack of medium companies and middle class

Region lags behind emerging market peers as economy burdened by ‘missing middle’
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Mexico reaps gains from US-China trade war

“Some US companies, big producers, are considering moving production from China to Mexico,” said Mr Isais, executive director of Gonher’s filter plant. His company is just one of the Mexico-based manufacturers that are seizing the chance to increase their exports to the US as the tariff war between Washington and Beijing heats up.
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Vista Oil & Gas seals $700m Argentina deal

19/02 - Mexican acquisition vehicle takes control of shale explorer Pelsa
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LatAm, Caribbean exports rebound in first half after 25 months of contraction

15/11 - Latin America and the Caribbean left behind the longest trade downturn in recent history in the first half of this year, with exports rising 13.2 per cent after shrinking 3.3 per cent in 2016, the Inter-American Development Bank said in a new study.
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¿Por qué México espera cada vez menos de la renegociación del TLCAN?

Los negociadores ya se quitaron los guantes conforme avanza la renegociación del TLCAN, y se comienza a escuchar la posibilidad de que México viva sin el acuerdo hasta que el tiempo de Trump en el gobierno termine.
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Mexico urged to seek ambitious Nafta upgrade

Negotiators told to think big in talks with US over rebooted trade agreement
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