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Commodity Traders Harvest Billions While Prices Rise for Everyone Else

From oil to steel, raw material prices are surging. As the world economy recovers, how much further does the boom have to run?
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Trump’s Disputed Claim of Saudi, Russia Oil Cuts Jolts Markets

15:41 - President Donald Trump said that he had brokered a deal that would have Saudi Arabia and Russia dramatically ratchet down their oil production, sending prices surging. But the claim was met with immediate skepticism.
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Exportação de petróleo dispara e se transforma em nova arma diplomática para os EUA

O que começou como um fenômeno americano agora passa a ser sentido por todo o mundo, à medida que exportações de petróleo dos EUA atingem níveis inimagináveis há poucos anos. O fluxo de petróleo vai continuar crescendo nos próximos anos e provocar conseqüências enormes no setor petrolífero, na política mundial e até na economia de alguns países.
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Saudi Arabia to Target U.S. With Sharp Oil Export Cut, Sources Say

Riyadh may lower exports to America close to a 30-year low. Saudi export drop follows OPEC+ agreement to cut production
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Putin Says Russia, Saudi Arabia Will Extend OPEC+ Oil Pact

Russia and Saudi Arabia agreed to extend into 2019 their deal to manage the oil market, known as OPEC+, although Moscow and Riyadh have yet to confirm any fresh output cuts. Futures surged.
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Texas Is About to Create OPEC's Worst Nightmare

Total U.S. production rising at fastest pace in 98 years. Pipeline bottleneck in Texas set to ease by end of 2019
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