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China’s great power play puts Asia on edge

Domestic insecurity, ambition and the pandemic blamed for Beijing’s belligerence
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Huawei: still fighting for survival despite Trump truce

The Chinese telecoms group is determined to accelerate efforts to become self-reliant.
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Pekín aumenta su inversión en puertos extranjeros

China acelera la adquisición de puertos en el extranjero para extender su alcance como potencia marítima. Pekín ha duplicado la inversión en el último año a 20.000 millones de dólares y avanza con los planes para abrir rutas de transporte a través del círculo polar ártico.
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Defining moment for investors looms as MSCI rules on China Index provider set to make call on including mainland A-shares in its EM benchmark

China’s growing acceptance into international capital markets faces a watershed moment next week with a decision on whether a first batch of stocks listed on its $7tn domestic equity markets will be included into the world’s dominant emerging markets stock index. If MSCI, an index provider, approves the inclusion of a cohort of Shanghai and Shenzhenlisted A-shares into its main emerging markets index, it will confer an unprecedented recognition upon China’s domestic capital markets and oblige funds all over the world to pour billions into the country’s stocks.

In other key decisions from MSCI next week, Argentina may move from being a big fish in the frontier index to a small sprat in the emerging market ocean. It has 14 stocks in MSCI’s FM100 index, more than any other country, and an index weight of 19.5 per cent, second only to Kuwait. Nine of those stocks would make it into the EM index, leaving Argentina with a weight of just 0.4 per cent.

That would come when there is a lot more money available for investing in Argentina. Analysts at Goldman Sachs wrote in a report this week that “the aggregate pocket of investors eligible to trade Argentine equities” could increase by about five times. All else being equal, they estimate that promotion to EM status would boost Argentine share prices by between 8 and 15 per cent.

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