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Argentina set to make $1.9 bln loan payment to IMF on Wednesday - source

Argentina will make a $1.9 billion payment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Wednesday as it races to revamp a failed loan deal from 2018, a source close to the government with direct knowledge of the situation told Reuters late on Tuesday.
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New Argentina biodiesel law to weigh on international soyoil prices -industry

14:40 - Argentine soyoil exports will likely rise, driving down prices internationally, due to a new law cutting the amount of soyoil-based biodiesel blended into common diesel fuel sold domestically, industry officials said on Monday.
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Soja ou milho? Produtores argentinos avaliam preços e clima seco antes de plantio

16:44 - Os altos preços da soja podem estimular o plantio da oleaginosa na Argentina na safra 2020/21, mas as condições secas e os valores também atrativos para o milho deverão limitar essa expansão, pois muitos agricultores consideram ampliar a participação do cereal de semeadura tardia em seus campos.
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Suspension of some Argentine meat exports to China not seen hurting industry

18:12 - Argentine meat processing plants that have temporarily stopped exporting to China will not have to suspend for more than 10 days and the situation poses no long-term threat to the sector, the head of the local meat industry chamber said on Thursday.
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Argentina hits pause on full state takeover of embattled soy crusher Vicentin

The planned takeover of Argentine soy crusher Vicentin is “on standby” while the government explores options for dealing with the failed company, including a possible private-public partnership, sources close to the situation said on Wednesday.
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Argentina suspende proyecto expropiación de agroexportadora en concurso Vicentin

16:04 - El proyecto de Argentina de expropiar a la agroexportadora Vicentin está puesto “en pausa” mientras el Gobierno explora alternativas para el destino de la compañía en concurso, entre ellas una posible sociedad público-privada, dijeron el miércoles fuentes con conocimiento del tema.
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Argentina looks to capitalise on Australia-China barley row

Argentina is jockeying to get more of its malt barley into Chinese beer, now that Asia's mega-economy is locked in a trade fight with its top barley supplier Australia, according to industry sources in the South American grains powerhouse.
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Argentine bonds leap higher, shrugging off tough debt deal, downgrade

15:22 - Argentine bonds raced higher on Friday, shrugging off a tough proposal to restructure the country’s foreign debt that prompted a downgrade by Fitch, as creditors held onto cautious optimism that a deal could be struck to avoid a messy default.
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Argentine grains export bottlenecks start to clear, pandemic uncertainty persists

18:41 - Bottlenecks recently hobbling Argentine agricultural exports started to clear on Friday, despite measures by some mayors defying an order exempting overland freight and other trade activities from a nationwide lockdown to slow the coronavirus.
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Argentina has deal with domestic bondholders to swap $3.2 billion in peso debt - economy minister

14:28 - Argentina’s government has struck a deal with domestic bondholders to swap around 200 billion pesos ($3.2 billion) in local currency debt in a major planned auction on Thursday, the country’s Economy Minister Martin Guzman told Reuters.
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Some Argentine farmers call sales strike to protest tax hike

16:10 - Some of Argentina’s farmers will hold a four-day sales strike next week, the CRA growers group said on Thursday, to protest a tax hike that they and soy crushing companies warn will cripple investment and competitiveness in a key part of the economy.
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Bônus argentinos aguardam sinal do FMI sobre severidade de reestruturação de dívida

13:44 - Os investidores em títulos argentinos esperavam nesta quarta-feira por notícias do Fundo Monetário Internacional (FMI) sobre a sustentabilidade da dívida do país e se as reuniões oficiais em Buenos Aires resultariam em uma recomendação de uma forte reestruturação da dívida.
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Argentine bonds could take another beating if restructuring talks drag on

19:31 - Argentina’s bloodied bond market could take another beating if debt renegotiations take longer than expected, analysts said on Friday, as investors digested a week full of bearish news and the economy minister’s blunt comments about creditors.
Argentina Reuters Economía Hugh Bronstein

Argentine economy minister Guzman sees no fiscal tightening in 2020

Argentina will have to grow its way out of its “virtual default” situation with production-oriented policies rather than push for more public spending cuts, the country’s new economy chief Martin Guzman said on Wednesday.
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Argentine debt restructuring expert Guzman to be named economy minister: source

06/12 - 14:21 - Argentina’s in-coming Peronist government will name Columbia University economist Martin Guzman as economy minister as it grapples with high inflation and a looming debt restructuring, a source with knowledge of the situation told Reuters on Friday.
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Left-leaning congressman named Argentina's next agriculture minister

06/12 - 19:04 - The next agriculture minister of grains powerhouse Argentina will be Luis Basterra, President-elect Alberto Fernandez said on Friday, an appointment met with some scepticism by farmers worried about a possible revival of interventionist policies.
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Argentine President-Elect Fernandez Holds Call With Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump called Argentine President-elect Alberto Fernandez to congratulate the center-left politician for winning Sunday's election and discuss the South American country's troubled economy.
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China opens soymeal market to Argentina, world's No. 1 exporter

10/09 - 16:28 - China will allow the import of soymeal livestock feed from Argentina for the first time under a deal announced by Buenos Aires on Tuesday, an agreement that will link the world’s top exporter of the feed with the top global consumer.
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Argentina's Fernandez, front-runner for president, walks tightrope between markets and votes

10/09 - 16:32 - Argentina's Fernandez, front-runner for president, walks tightrope between markets and votes
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Argentine Presidential Front-Runner Seeks Alternatives to Austerity: Advisers

Economic advisers to Argentina's presidential front-runner and opposition leader Alberto Fernandez said he would seek alternatives to the current administration's austerity measures in a meeting with the new Treasury Minister on Wednesday. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino