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Argentina repudiated in the OAS the defense of the Nicaraguan dictatorship against the terrorist Rezai who attacked the AMIA

On Wednesday night, the government took another step in the direction of questioning Nicaragua’s position against the Iranian terrorist accused of blowing up the AMIA, Mohsen Razai.
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Covid: What are the new requirements that Spain asks for the entry of Argentines to the country

After the decision of the European Union that left Argentina, Australia and Canada off the list of countries from which you can travel to the nations of the bloc without restrictions, Spain was the first country to modify its requirements and follow the EU recommendations.
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Sergio Massa’s strong criticism of the dictator Daniel Ortega: “Rezai’s presence is a mockery of the Nicaraguan Government to the dead of the AMIA”

Sergio Massa came out to differentiate himself from the position of the national government on the passive attitude adopted by the Argentine ambassador in Nicaragua, Daniel Capitanich, regarding the presence of the Iranian Mohsen Rezai in the act of inauguration of the Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega, and also expressed his condemnation on the political situation in the Central American country.
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With the endorsement of Venezuela and Nicaragua, Alberto Fernández assumes the presidency of Celac

Strengthen its “regional leadership” and show itself as an effective “intermediary” between Washington and populist political regimes “of the Great Homeland”, which have the United States as their main enemy. These are the main objectives that the president Alberto Fernandez It will be tomorrow, if there are no unforeseen events, when the plenary session of foreign ministers of the Community of Latin Americans and Caribbean (CELAC) elects the country as president of that entity for all of 2022.
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Hydrocarbons and mining are the two sectors that can unblock the external restriction

Daniel Schteingart: We start from an empirical fact: all countries that developed throughout history exploited their natural resources. England would not have had an Industrial Revolution without coal. The United States would not have gotten off the ground without mining. Australia (mining), Norway (offshore oil), Canada (mining, oil, agriculture), Finland (forestry), Sweden (forestry and mining), Denmark (agro, offshore oil), all have done it as a lever towards development. It is a lie that developed countries did it without touching their natural resources and only importing raw materials. They did both.
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Brazil suspended permits to search for gold in preserved areas of the Amazon

The Brazilian government suspended on Monday the seven authorizations it had granted for mining companies to explore possible mines or gold veins in a region of the Amazon rainforest, highly preserved, and close to the border with Colombia and Venezuela.
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With the support of Mexico, the Government is committed to achieving the presidency of CELAC for Alberto Fernandez

Santiago Cafiero has the difficult task of getting the Nicaraguan dictator, Daniel Ortega, to vote in favor of Alberto Fernández as president of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), a regional forum that does not integrate the United States and the United States and that recognizes the authoritarian regimes of Cuba and Venezuela.
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Gabriel Boric president: his first official trip abroad would be to Argentina

“I wish the best for you and for Chile. Here you have a friend and I hope your first trip will be to our country. You are invited to come whenever you want ”, he said. Alberto Fernandez last sunday to Gabriel Boric, shortly after the victory of the leftist candidate in the Chilean elections was confirmed.
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Santiago Cafiero invited Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to a summit of foreign ministers in Buenos Aires

In an extensive conversation with a group of Argentine journalists from the so-called CARI KOL Group, whom he also paid tribute to for the end of the year, Santiago Cafiero detailed some of the government’s foreign policy plans that he defined as “realistic.”
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Alberto Fernández will participate in the Mercosur Summit and will try that the differences with Bolsonaro do not alter the coexistence in the bloc

Alberto Fernández will not be able to see Jair Bolsonaro face to face. It will be through the coldness of a screen that they will connect virtually this Friday, December 17, within the framework of the Mercosur Summit where Brazil will hand over to Paraguay the pro tempore presidency of the regional bloc for the next six months.
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The Government deploys an international campaign to make visible the rights over the Malvinas

The national government will deploy a international campaign to make Argentina’s rights over the Falkland Islands visible, that will have its initial point of support in Peru, where days ago the Malvinas Issue Support Group, as the Argentine claim against the British occupation of that territory, which dates back to 1833, is called.
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