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Gideon Long

Política Financial Times - Reino Unido Gideon Long

Ecuador roiled by protests after fuel subsidies scrapped

04/10 - 17:00 - Gasoline and diesel prices spike after Lenín Moreno’s move to appease IMF
Economía Financial Times - Reino Unido Energía Gideon Long

Lenín Moreno’s government decides not to raise VAT to meet targets

02/10 - 15:56 - Ecuador is to scrap fuel subsidies to meet targets agreed with the IMF, risking a public backlash as it tries to keep international investors happy and stay on track in its $4.2bn programme with the Washington-based lender.
Política Financial Times - Reino Unido Política Internacional Gideon Long

Venezuela: how long can Nicolás Maduro last?

03/05 - 12:45 - Juan Guaidó’s ‘final phase’ attempt to topple the president floundered but the opposition hopes he cannot hold on to power for long
Política Financial Times - Reino Unido Política Internacional Gideon Long

Venezuela’s senior military figures signal backing for Maduro

24/01/2019 15:02 - Display of support comes after US and others recognise opposition leader as rightful president
Política Financial Times - Reino Unido Politica Latinoamericana Gideon Long

Milestone reached in peace process between government and Farc guerrilla group

With hundreds of white butterflies and a gold-plated shovel made from an old machine gun, the Colombian government and the country’s biggest guerrilla group, the Farc, celebrated a milestone in their peace process on Tuesday after more than half a century of conflict. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino