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Argentina plans higher local oil price to protect sector amid rout - sources

23/04 - 15:14 - Argentina plans to issue a decree setting a higher local oil barrel price to protect the domestic industry from being further decimated by a collapse in global prices and slumping fuel demand due to the coronavirus pandemic, two industry sources told Reuters on Thursday.
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Argentina's new economy bill hikes taxes on farm exports, foreign assets

Argentina’s government is seeking higher taxes on agricultural exports and to tax foreign assets held abroad, the economy minister said on Tuesday.
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As Argentina Election Nears, Are the Economic Stars Aligning for Macri?

Argentine President Mauricio Macri is making an election race comeback, bolstered by a stronger peso and glimmers of economic revival as the South American nation looks to escape from a biting recession.
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Shell espera desaparición de impuesto argentino para profundizar baja de costos en Vaca Muerta

Shell Argentina espera que venza un impuesto a la exportación de hidrocarburos que el Gobierno argentino fijó hasta fines de 2020 para que sigan bajando sus costos de producción en la formación Vaca Muerta, dijo Sean Rooney, presidente de la firma.
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Argentina says 2018 primary deficit outperformed IMF target

18/01/2019 12:36 - Argentina outperformed its primary fiscal deficit target for 2018, Economy Minister Nicolas Dujovne said on Friday, assuring that the country’s standby finance deal with the International Monetary Fund remains on track.
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Argentina announces $2.3 bln joint shale oil project with Malaysia's Petronas

Argentina’s state-controlled energy company YPF and Malaysia’s Petronas are forming a joint venture to invest $2.3 billion over the next four years in the country’s Vaca Muerta shale oil fields, the president’s office announced on Tuesday.
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Argentina re-ignites labor deal to spur investment in Vaca Muerta

28/08/18 - 18:40 - Argentina relaunched a one-year-old agreement between the government, companies and workers on Tuesday to drive competition and spur development in the Vaca Muerta shale play, the government said in a statement.
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Argentina sells $2.1 bln in notes, seeks to lengthen maturities

Argentina sold $2.1 billion in three- and six-month treasury notes, the Treasury Ministry said on Wednesday, as it seeks to direct investors away from shorter-term central bank debt and into longer duration instruments.
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Argentina to include new companies in Vaca Muerta sectoral agreement

13/07/18 - 15:27 - Argentina plans to include new companies in a 2017 sectoral agreement between oil producers, workers and the government in an effort to boost competitiveness in the Vaca Muerta shale play, the country’s production minister told Reuters on Friday.
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Argentina weighs delays to tax reform plan due to IMF deal

13/07/18 - 20:39 - Argentina may delay implementing elements of a tax reform passed last year to meet its fiscal deficit goals as part of a deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), according to a government official and a fund document published Friday.
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Argentina details measures to slash government red tape

Argentina's government announced a series of measures on Wednesday to reduce bureaucratic tasks that business-friendly President Mauricio Macri thinks are holding back much-needed investment.
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EU, US, Japan to slam WTO countries flooding global markets

12/12, 14:46 - The European Union, United States and Japan will issue a joint statement on Tuesday criticizing countries with too much factory capacity, though it will not directly name China, a major source of concern, EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said.
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Argentina to allow telecom companies to provide satellite TV -source

Argentina likely will authorize telephone service providers to offer satellite television services as part of their packages by the end of the year, a source at the country’s Enacom telecoms regulator said on Tuesday.
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Employers say reforms could slash Argentina labor costs up to 35 percent

31/10/2017 15:01 - Labor costs in Argentina could fall as much as 35 percent if government reforms aimed at bolstering the economy and attracting investments go into effect, industry groups predict.
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Argentina plans two more bond issues in 2017 -finance minister

Argentina will come to market with two more bond issues this year, Finance Minister Luis Caputo said in remarks at a conference on Wednesday.
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Argentina businesses plead for lower taxes

Argentine businesses are warning President Mauricio Macri's government that a fiscal reform planned for after October's mid-term election must significantly cut their tax bills even as it strives to preserve government revenues.
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Argentina to cut subsidies by 0.6 pct of GDP in 2018 -source

Argentina plans to cut energy and transportation subsidies worth 0.6 percent of gross domestic product next year as the government aims to lower the fiscal deficit to 3.2 percent of GDP, a Treasury Ministry official told Reuters on Thursday.
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S&P director calls Latin American growth 'quite disappointing'

Sifon Arevalo praised center-right Argentine President Mauricio Macri's reform efforts since taking office in late 2015 but said he would like to see the fiscal deficit lowered faster in the region's third largest economy.
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Total, BP unit, YPF boost investment in Argentina's Vaca Muerta

Argentina's state-run oil firm YPF SA (YPFD.BA), France's Total SA (TOTF.PA), Wintershall Energía SA and BP (BP.L) unit Pan American Energy LLC announced a $1.15 billion joint investment on Tuesday to increase shale gas production.
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Argentina's Macri boosts mortgage credits to win back middle class

Argentina's new subsidized mortgage scheme is gathering steam, boosting construction activity and winning over the middle class ahead of mid-term elections in October that will determine the future of President Mauricio Macri's market-friendly agenda.
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