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EXCLUSIVE Argentina President set to decree $1.6 bln Vaca Muerta gas pipeline - gov't source

Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez will sign a decree in the next few weeks to push forward construction of a major new gas pipeline system in the country's huge Vaca Muerta shale formation, a government source told Reuters, a key move to boost gas exports.
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IMF deal alone not enough to lift Argentina rating, Moody's says

A potential deal for Argentina with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to roll over some $45 billion it owes would be a key breakthrough, but not enough on its own to push up the embattled country's credit rating, Moody's said on Thursday.
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Analysis: 'Drained of power': Argentina's Peronists face identity crisis after midterm rout

Argentina's Peronist ruling coalition is teetering on the brink of political crisis, with President Alberto Fernandez facing a fight for control after voters abandoned his party in bruising midterm elections, sapping his power in Congress.
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Peronistas devem sofrer derrota dolorosa em eleições legislativas na Argentina, mostram pesquisas

19:01 - Os peronistas devem sofrer uma grande derrota nas eleições legislativas da Argentina, segundo pesquisas publicadas antes do pleito de 14 de novembro, em resultado que pode acabar com a maioria do partido governista no Senado e também abalar sua forte posição na Câmara dos Deputados.
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Vista Oil, Trafigura to develop oil wells in Argentina

28/06 Latin American oil company Vista Oil & Gas and Geneva-based Trafigura on Monday signed a deal to jointly develop 20 wells in Argentina’s Vaca Muerta shale oil deposit, the companies said in a statement.
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Argentina Supreme Court overrules presidential decree on school closures

Argentina’s Supreme Court overruled President Alberto Fernandez’s decree to close Buenos Aires schools amid a surge in coronavirus cases, siding with the city government who had sought to keep kids in class.
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Casi en cero: la fuga de reservas pone contra las cuerdas al banco central de Argentina

Las reservas netas de dólares del banco central de Argentina están en cero o cerca de cero, según analistas e inversores, lo que obligará a la entidad monetaria a tomar una decisión difícil: duplicar los controles que no han logrado detener la caída de la moneda o permitir que el peso se devalúe aún más.
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Argentina seeks to spur construction investment with tax and fiscal benefits

Argentina´s economy ministry said on Wednesday it had sent the country´s Congress a bill to spur construction activity through tax and fiscal incentives, an effort to create jobs and boost investment in an economy ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic.
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Argentina temporarily cuts soy export taxes in bid to boost foreign reserves

01/10 - 20:30 - Argentina has temporarily cut soybean, soymeal and soyoil export taxes by 3 percentage points to 30% to help stimulate export revenue, the government announced on Thursday, as the country struggles with recession and dwindling foreign reserves.
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Argentina's honeymoon with IMF about to get a reality check

Argentina’s honeymoon with the International Monetary Fund is about to be tested as it looks to update a $57 billion agreement struck two years ago that failed to prevent a slide into recession and the country’s ninth sovereign default.
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Argentina's Guzman says seeking payment pause with IMF until 2024 - report

Argentina is seeking to avoid repayments to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the period 2021-2024 as it negotiates a new deal with the lender, Economy Minister Martin Guzman told local newspaper La Nacion in a report published on Sunday.
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Argentina debt deal should limit need for more controls, reduce peso gap- cenbank chief

Argentina’s recent debt restructuring deal with creditors should tame the need for further currency controls and help reduce the wide gap between the official exchange rate and the black market peso, the central bank chief said on Tuesday.
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Argentina, Mexico to produce AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

12/08 - 22:20 - Argentina and Mexico will produce the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine for most of Latin America, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez said on Wednesday after a meeting with company executives involved in the project.
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Argentina se junta a apelos na América Latina para adiamento de eleição do BID

"Esse adiamento é necessário, porque algo tão vital para nós como o novo presidente do BID não pode sair de uma reunião virtual", disse o chanceler argentino, Felipe Solá
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Argentina plans higher local oil price to protect sector amid rout - sources

23/04 - 15:14 - Argentina plans to issue a decree setting a higher local oil barrel price to protect the domestic industry from being further decimated by a collapse in global prices and slumping fuel demand due to the coronavirus pandemic, two industry sources told Reuters on Thursday.
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Argentina's new economy bill hikes taxes on farm exports, foreign assets

Argentina’s government is seeking higher taxes on agricultural exports and to tax foreign assets held abroad, the economy minister said on Tuesday.
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As Argentina Election Nears, Are the Economic Stars Aligning for Macri?

Argentine President Mauricio Macri is making an election race comeback, bolstered by a stronger peso and glimmers of economic revival as the South American nation looks to escape from a biting recession.
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Shell espera desaparición de impuesto argentino para profundizar baja de costos en Vaca Muerta

Shell Argentina espera que venza un impuesto a la exportación de hidrocarburos que el Gobierno argentino fijó hasta fines de 2020 para que sigan bajando sus costos de producción en la formación Vaca Muerta, dijo Sean Rooney, presidente de la firma.
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Argentina says 2018 primary deficit outperformed IMF target

18/01/2019 12:36 - Argentina outperformed its primary fiscal deficit target for 2018, Economy Minister Nicolas Dujovne said on Friday, assuring that the country’s standby finance deal with the International Monetary Fund remains on track.
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Argentina announces $2.3 bln joint shale oil project with Malaysia's Petronas

Argentina’s state-controlled energy company YPF and Malaysia’s Petronas are forming a joint venture to invest $2.3 billion over the next four years in the country’s Vaca Muerta shale oil fields, the president’s office announced on Tuesday.
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