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Brazilian women head to Argentina to avoid abortion ban

Both women were bound for the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, seeking something forbidden in Brazil: an abortion.
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Chile rechazó el nuevo mapa de Argentina que incluye a la Antártica

El canciller chileno, Andrés Allamand, aseveró que la Comisión de Límites de la Plataforma Continental no ha aceptado la reclamación de Argentina sobre la Antártica
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Deluded and Disappointed, Economists Rethink Brazil's Future

With Latin America’s largest economy forecast to contract in the first quarter, economists are poring over their models to figure how Brazil’s recovery eluded them for a third year.
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Optimism or Wishful Thinking? Brazil’s Recovery Has Bit of Both

Consumer and business sentiment jumped after Bolsonaro victory. Gap between expectations and reality has never been wider
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Growing Older Without Getting Richer: A Latin American Drama

Latin America may have squandered its youth at the commodities party of the past decade.
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IMF Sees Venezuela Cratering With Another Double-Digit GDP Dive

Revised outlook for 2017 is worse than all economist estimates. ‘Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis could spin out of control’
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