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Turbulent South America Soccer Tournament Moves to Brazil

12:13 - After violent street protests in Colombia and a raging pandemic in Argentina prompted the co-hosts of the Copa America soccer tournament to pull out, the premier South American sports event will be played in Brazil.
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Buenos Aires Province Asks for Consent to Delay Debt Payment

14/01 - 18:58 - Buenos Aires province asked bondholders to accept a delay in payments owed to them this month as local officials and the federal government work out a plan to restructure their debt.
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América Latina: desigual y furiosa

La combinación de inseguridad y los ricos cada vez más ricos se ha vuelto explosiva, lo que ofrece una advertencia para otras partes del mundo con dinámicas similares.
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Argentina Closes Tough Year With Its Best Bond Rally in Weeks

28/12 - 15:45 - Argentine bonds have been so beaten down in 2018 that it would appear there’s only one direction left for them to go in the short-term, or at least until we get closer to the presidential elections in October.
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