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La Casa Blanca de Joe Biden enfrenta una creciente influencia china en América Latina

Donald Trump se lo dijo claramente a América Latina durante sus cuatro años de gobierno: no hagan negocios con China. Sin embargo, el mensaje no fue recibido.
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Bondholder group for Argentina's Buenos Aires province says retains legal counsel

A group of bondholders for the Argentinian province of Buenos Aires said on Monday that it has retained legal counsel due to the “lack of constructive engagement” by the government in negotiations to restructure around $7 billion in bonds.
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All-female scientific coalition calls for protection of Antarctic Peninsula

16:39 - Climate change and human activity are harming Antarctica and threatening wildlife from humpback whales to microscopic algae, more than 280 scientists and conservation experts say in urging protections for the icy region.
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Trump pick for Latam bank poised for win after regional opposition fades

09/09 - 18:21 - U.S. President Donald Trump’s pick to run Latin America’s main financing institution appears poised to win the top job in this weekend’s election amid faltering regional opposition to having a U.S. citizen run the Bank for first time in 61 years.
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Escolha de Trump para comando do BID deve vingar após oposição local se dissipa

19:27 - Oposição regional à escolha do presidente Donald Trump para comandar o Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento (BID) dissipou-se antes da votação deste fim de semana, dando um impulso de última hora ao candidato que pode se tornar o primeiro chefe norte-americano do principal credor da América Latina.
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Argentina gains room to breathe with crucial debt deal - for now

Argentina has gained breathing room after restructuring almost the entirety of $65 billion in foreign bonds, though it now faces a huge challenge to revive growth and repair government finances before the oxygen runs out.
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Argentina debt deal signals upgrades but outlook tough, rating agencies say

17:17 - Argentina’s $65 billion debt restructuring agreement with bondholders will likely lead to credit upgrades but is far from ensuring the country’s longer-term economic future, rating agencies told Reuters on Thursday.
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Comitê de credores da Argentina diz que sua proposta é sustentável e alerta para custo de default

12:16 - Um importante grupo de credores da Argentina disse nesta terça-feira que sua proposta de reestruturação está alinhada com uma avaliação do FMI sobre o que seria sustentável, e pediu que seja alcançado um acordo para evitar que o país fique preso em um default caro.
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Con EEUU golpeado por coronavirus, China corteja a Latinoamérica con diplomacia médica

26/03/2020 15:13 - Mientras Argentina corría la semana pasada para impulsar medidas de emergencia para aislar a su ya golpeada economía del impacto del coronavirus, el embajador chino visitó al presidente Alberto Fernández para acercarle una oferta.
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Argentina's peso weaker after government postpones short-term debt payments, economic bill moves to Senate

11:56 - Argentina’s peso currency was slightly weaker on Friday, traders said, after the government said it would postpone payments on some short-term debt notes and as a sweeping bill of economic measures was expected to pass in the Senate.
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Macri seeks boost from young voters with employer tax cut incentive

07/10 - 17:05 - Argentine President Mauricio Macri announced a tax incentive proposal aimed at boosting employment among young people on Monday, in a bid to gain ground with a voter demographic that contributed to his poor showing in an August primary.
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Agitación política y congelamiento de precios ensombrecen a Vaca Muerta en Argentina

Se cree que Vaca Muerta, que cubre un área del tamaño de Bélgica en la Patagonia argentina, contiene una de las mayores reservas mundiales de petróleo y gas no convencional. Gran parte de su extensión está sin explotar.
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Political Turmoil, Price Freeze Cast Shadow on Argentina's Vaca Muerta

In late August, amid a sharp plunge in the Argentine peso, global suppliers to oil giant YPF received an unwelcome surprise in their inbox. A four-page notice that dollar contracts would be paid at a set exchange rate, far weaker than the market rate.
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A FONDO-"Seguro como China": ZTE encuentra un muy interesado comprador en Argentina

En la remota provincia de Jujuy, en el norte de Argentina, el gigante chino de telecomunicaciones ZTE está instalando una parte del gran aparato de vigilancia del país asiático: cámaras de seguridad que, según el Gobierno provincial, ayudarán a frenar el delito callejero.
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China's Tencent backs Argentina mobile banking startup Uala

23/04 - 13:44 - Chinese tech giant Tencent Holdings Ltd has invested in Argentine mobile banking service Uala, which also counts George Soros and Point72 Ventures LLC among its investors, the start-up’s founder said.
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On South America's largest solar farm, Chinese power radiates

Jujuy’s pivot to China underscores the challenge for the United States, whose warnings about the pitfalls of Chinese backing are no match for Beijing’s outreach and resources.Jujuy Governor Morales recently travelled to China to discuss the Cauchari expansion withPowerChina and the Import-Export Bank of China, one of several trips local officials have made to the Asian nation over the past few years.
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Anti-Uber Protests Flare in Argentina as Ride-Hailing App Prepares IPO

Thousands of taxi drivers snarled traffic in the center of Buenos Aires on Thursday to protest the threat to their business from Uber, in the latest reminder of the headaches the ride-hailing platform faces worldwide as it prepares to go public.
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Argentine Lawmakers Seek Greater Oversight of Chinese Space Facility in Patagonia

Argentine lawmakers have proposed legislation to boost oversight of a Chinese space tracking station that has stirred unease among local residents, fueled conspiracy theories and sparked concerns amongst critics about its true intent.
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El misterio que rodea a la estación espacial china en Argentina

Las Lajas La falta de información sobre el sitio ha despertado dudas sobre sus actividades, incluyendo un posible espionaje. El lugar fue clave en el alunizaje de enero.
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China's military-run space station in Argentina is a 'black box'

LAS LAJAS, Argentina - When China built a military-run space station in Argentina’s Patagonian region it promised to include a visitors’ center to explain the purpose of its powerful 16-story antenna. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino