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Falkland Islands: Argentina vows to never give up fighting for the Falklands

ARGENTINA has vowed to never give up they fight for the Falkland Islands in a warning from the South American nation’s President on the anniversary of the British winning the territory.
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Argentina ready to ramp up claim to Falkland Islands ‘Fight to defend!’

ARGENTINA has demanded an “active presence” in the Falkland Islands with Buenos Aires appearing ready to ramp up a claim to it - 38 years after Britain went to war with the South American nation over the territory.
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Falklands Islands warning: Argentina election sets alarm bells ringing over ‘sovereignty’

22/10 - 14:06 - Britain could face a second Falklands threat - 36 years after Margaret Thatcher declared war against Argentine forces for invading the British-owned territory - due to a Buenos Aires politician tipped to win the South American nation’s election and who has told of his plot to claim the archipelago.
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Trump trade war with China is 'BIGGEST RISK' to global economy, warns banking chief

04/09/18 - 16:37 - US President Donald Trump’s trade war with China has been dubbed “the biggest risk to the global economy” in a chilling warning from the vice chairman of one of the world’s biggest banks. 7 - es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino