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Argentina Withdraws Recognition of Guaido’s Venezuela Envoy

Argentina Withdraws Recognition of Guaido’s Venezuela Envoy

07/01 - 20:28 - Elisa Trotta Gamus had been recognized by previous govt. The move reflects new government’s foreign policy shift.

The Argentine government withdrew credentials for the representative of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, reversing the previous administration’s stance toward its South American neighbor.

Argentina’s Foreign Ministry sent a two-sentence letter to Elisa Trotta Gamus, the Guaido-backed ambassador to Argentina, informing her that it was “putting an end to your special mission in the Argentine Republic.” Trotta Gamus’s spokeswoman confirmed the letter, which was first reported by Argentine newspaper La Nacion.

The decision didn’t surprise Guaido.

“Nothing that we didn’t expect, we knew the country’s ‘neutral’ position,” said Guaido. “We still hope that Argentina supports freedom and democracy.”

The ruling coalition of Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro recently attempted to remove Guaido as leader of the opposition-led National Assembly. On Tuesday, Guaido dramatically stormed past guards to take back the legislature.

Trotta Gamus, who met with and was recognized as the legitimate ambassador last year by former President Mauricio Macri, said she respected President Alberto Fernandez’s decision to remove her credentials. But she said in a statement she hopes his government will continue denouncing the Maduro regime.

The move is another twist in Fernandez’s balancing act on Venezuela policy, which could hold major implications for Argentina’s relationship with the U.S. and its record $56 billion IMF agreement.

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