Argentina refuses to give up desperate claim on Falkland Islands 'in the hearts of all'

Argentina refuses to give up desperate claim on Falkland Islands 'in the hearts of all'

27/07 - 13:39 - ARGENTINA has refused to give up its claim over the Falklands, stating with nationalistic flare that the South Atlantic islands are "in the hearts of all Argentines".

The Argentine Secretary of Malvinas, Antarctica and South Atlantic, Daniel Filmus, recently declared that his nation's sovereignty of the Falkland Islands is in the National Constitution. He then added that it is also "in the hearts of all Argentines", adding that gaining sovereignty of the islands was "one of the fairest causes in the history of Argentina". Speaking at a virtual press conference organised by the Association of Journalists of the Argentine Republic (APeRA) Mr Filmus said: "It is so important to defend our sovereignty.

"Our sovereignty is also important to prevent natural resources that belong to 45 million Argentines from being stolen."

During the press conference, Mr Filmus criticised the British military exercises in the Falklands area.

He then said that Argentina has reiterated warnings about the British military exercises.

The Argentine politician pointed out the "nonsense" of placing so many British soldiers on the islands.

The Falklands contain approximately 1,200 British military personnel.

The units are made up of an infantry company, an engineer squadron, a signals unit, a logistics group and supporting services.

The major British military garrison on the Falklands is located at Mount Pleasant.

In the last census, the population of the Falklands was 3,398.

However, Mr Filmus expressed his contempt for the number of British troops on the island.

He said: "We know there is a powerful base that is exploring to take our hydrocarbons.

"There is a military base.

"A few days ago, the British Parliament, before a request to know how many officers there are, confirmed that the base has 900 officers, it is nonsense."

He added: "The Malvinas cause is more than 188 years old and if it weren’t because each generation transmits it to the next, this cause, which has to do with the recovery of a territory usurped by the United Kingdom, would have disappeared."

In the press conference, Mr Filmus criticised Prime Minister Boris Johnson's announcement that the UK will raise the maximum ceiling for its nuclear warhead arsenal from 180 to 260.

He also criticised Mr Johnson's rhetoric that he would maintain a "permanent military presence" on the Falkland Islands.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino